Tessio Labs is a boutique digital media consultancy with a focus on increasing the performance and ROI of your digital media strategies and marketing budget. Tessio focuses on improved performance and efficacy of digital media through audits, assessment, strategy development and management. We combine this work with comprehensive client engagement, education, and management of teams and stakeholders.

Tessio provides a diverse set of services customized to meet the needs, timing, and budgets of our clients. Our expertise is leveraged by our clients in a number of ways, from small single engagement education sessions, to strategic portfolio development, vendor assessments, and media management.


Act – Default towards action rather than meetings.
Educate – Education is a core piece of all services, and critical to successful projects.
Engage – Engage at all levels – stakeholder interest is critical to mission success.
Swarm – Bring the experts and swarm the problem.


Tessio serves a wide range of clients from a variety of industries in both B2C and B2B categories. For companies that drive sign ups, sales, branding, or seek customer acquisition, Tessio has capabilities, skills and experience to meet those needs. Tessio has expertise in highly regulated verticals including Political, Marijuana and Online/Mobile Gaming verticals.