Tessio offers a variety of services and expertise to help businesses evaluate human talent, technology and strategic product capabilities including the critical evaluations required to bring programmatic media activation in house.

  • In-House Media Activation – Tessio can help you understand what you need to take programmatic media activation in house.  A comprehensive tech, personnel, vendor and asset evaluation to give you the roadmap you need to take control of media.
  • Build, buy, rent analysis – Tech stack evaluation and capabilities assessment program to review strategy against current and future tech capabilities.
  • Customer Data Activation – based on audit of data assets and platforms, our team will provide best practices for activation and insight into Data Platforms technology to assist in activation plans around media.
  • Team Planning, Training, and Recruiting – based on capabilities audit of your team, identify gaps in knowledge and skills. Provide detailed recommendation of team members to replace, add, or skills/knowledge training to invest in. Provide compensation planning, recruiting, and training best practices playbook.
  • Vendor Analysis – based on budget, capabilities and goals our team will map out, interview, assess, who should you be working with and why, who you absolutely should not be working with. Tessio advises on costs and contracts you should be signing with vendors, and how best to secure and evaluate vendor relationships.